Get Started

The Screen Sensation Home Screen Printing Kit has been specially designed to allow you to create professional results in your home.

Contained in your kit is:

  • Screen Sensation
  • Palette Knife for transferring inks directly from your ink pot or Mixing Bowl to the screen.
  • A correctly sized Squeegee for drawing the ink across your mesh design evenly.
  • Mixing Bowl for creating and combining your own ink colours.
  • 10 wooden Mixing Tools to enable you to thoroughly combine your ink combinations.

Using your Screen Sensation Home Screen Printing Kit you can create beautifully detailed and colourful prints which are ideal for use in paper crafting, scrap booking, home decor and so much more.

The product has been designed so that you can create images repeatedly, making it ideal for creating wedding stationery, batches of greeting cards and patterned home decor projects.

Simply position your chosen medium using the printed grid on the base of the unit, slot your screen into the lid and print. Remove your medium and replace it in exactly the same place to continue creating.

The only limitation is your imagination!

Getting Started Video

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Tips & Techniques

If your chosen mesh design has details which reach further down the mesh than others, apply more ink above those details to ensure the ink reaches the bottom of the design.

Draw the Squeegee down the screen using a little pressure with the Squeegee angled towards you at about 30 degrees. If you find your resulting image has run or bled, try using less ink or altering the Squeegee angle.

Colour Theory

The primary colours are the foundation of creating all other colours. These can be used directly or mixed in different quantities to create different colours and tones.

Secondary colours are created by combining any 2 of the primary colours in equal parts.
Red + Yellow = Orange
Yellow + Blue = Green
Blue + Red = Purple

To create the next set of colours or tertiary colours, combine a primary and it’s nearest secondary colour. For example, combining red and purple creates a deeper or redder purple.

By following these simple steps you have the possibility to create an infinite range of colours. You can expand the colour wheel further by combining secondary and tertiary colours.

Adding black and white to these colours will also darken or lighten the colours you have mixed. Using extender will also make the ink more translucent.

There are an infinite amount of colour possibilities to create and the Screen Sensation Home Screen Printing Kit is all about fun and creativity, so why not experiment to find out what you can create with a little imagination!

Care Recommendations for Screens

To get the most out of your screens, we recommend the following:

  • Attach Screen Sensations screens to the frame using Screen Sensation Fixing Tape – regular tape may damage them when removing
  • After use, remove any excess ink from the screen using the Palette Knife before removing the screen from the frame

To clean the screen, place it in a sink under running water and gently agitate any remaining ink until all traces of it are removed. Shake off any excess water from the screen, then lay it to try on a cloth on a flat surface. Do not lay clean, wet screens on top of each other as it may damage them.