Screen Sensation Grey 12×12 Kit

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Screen Sensation Screen Printing System takes an industrial process and makes it accessible to everybody, allowing you to create professional results quickly and easily in a small amount of space in the comfort of your own home.

Screen Sensation is a unique product that will appeal to many types of crafter and non- crafter alike, whether it be paper craft, fabric craft, dress making, home decor, jewellery making or mixed media, Screen sensation will enable you to create something sensational.

The Screen Sensation unit is sturdy but lightweight.

Hinged, self-holding lid for ease of use.

Gridded base for easy alignment.

Curved finger recess on the bottom of the base unit to enable you to lift the lid easily.

Screen Sensation Frames have the logo printed on the back so that you can see at a glance which side to attach the screen to.

The corners are cut from the top edge of the frame to indicate the correct direction to slot it into the lid.

The Screen Sensation Squeegee is specifically sized to the screen ensuring even coverage across the whole of your design.

The Screen Sensation Squeegee has a tapered edge to help your ink glide across the screen and give clean crisp images.

The Screen Sensation Palette Knife is designed to fit perfectly into the Screen Sensation Squeegee for easy clean up, touch in small areas of ink on the screen if part of the print has been missed and also clean excess ink from the screen and frame before washing which means there will be minimal waste.

The Screen Sensation Squeegee and Palette Knife are made from a lightweight but durable plastic and can be wiped clean easily.

The Wooden Mixers are made from Beech wood and after use they may stain a little but can be washed with warm water and reused again and again.

Collapsible mixing bowl means minimal storage space is required and it is made from silicone so it’s easy to clean.

This kit contains:

  • 1 x Base Unit
  • 1 x Frame
  • 1 x Squeegee
  • 1 x Palette Knife
  • 10 x Wooden Mixers
  • 1 x Mixing Bowl
  • Instruction leaflet

This item is not currently available.