Tote Bag


This Screen Sensation Tote Bag has a stylish black and teal green design, coordinating perfectly with your Screen Sensation screen printing system. It can be used to transport your inks, squeegee, palette knife, wooden mixers, fixing tape, and more.

A compact size, this great bag features a padded hand strap and an adjustable should strap for your comfort. This hasn’t been seen before on the crafting market! It includes a variety of pockets; store your items efficiently using 4 outside Velcro pockets, 2 zipped side pockets, and 6 inside open pockets.

The bag also comes with 2 strips of elastic straps on the inside of the bag – great for storing pens, markers, wooden mixers, and other supplies. The inside pockets have been specially designed to carry multiple pots of ink; you can hold 8 155ml pots of ink at a time!

Made of industrial fabric; the sides are reinforced for a sturdy hold whilst transporting heavier items.