Sunflower Bloom 7×5 Screen


Screen Sensation screens are manufactured using a professional screen printing process with the highest quality materials. This makes them reusable time and time again and they’ll last indefinitely as long as they are cleaned and stored correctly. The beautiful pre-designed images take the hard work out of screen printing. The smaller 7×5 screens are perfect for batch card making, giving you a finished card front with just one print.

Sunflowers bring a smile to people’s faces with their bright yellow colour and how they stretch towards the sun! This flower is simply designed with almost a sketch like effect and will add a contemporary feel to your designs. Use this screen on a host of projects, including T-Shirts, Towels, Bags, Wallpaper, Lampshades, Blankets, Sheets, Cushions and so much more.

This product is part of the Contemporary Florals Collection.