Taurus 7×5 Screen

Screen Sensation screens are manufactured using a professional screen printing process with the highest quality materials. This makes them reusable time and time again and they’ll last indefinitely as long as they are cleaned and stored correctly. The beautiful pre-designed images take the hard work out of screen printing. The smaller 7×5 screens are perfect for batch card making, giving you a finished card front with just one print.

The breathtaking design of this Taurus Screen is sure to turn heads! The line work in this design are absolutely incredible and a testament to the high quality screens that Screen Sensation produces. As with all of the Zodiac screens, this design also features the text Taurus and the Zodiac symbol.

The Taurus rules over 20 April to 20 May. An Earth element, the traits related to this sign include being reliable, practical and responsible.

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This product is part of the What's Your Sign? Collection.