Confetti 7×5 Screen + Stamp Set


Screen Sensation screens are manufactured using a professional screen printing process with the highest quality materials. This makes them reusable time and time again and they’ll last indefinitely as long as they are cleaned and stored correctly. The beautiful pre-designed images take the hard work out of screen printing. The smaller 7×5 screens are perfect for batch card making, giving you a finished card front with just one print.

The included stamp is a high quality printing stamps designed to work with the Screen Sensation System but can also be used with all of your paper crafting inks.

This is a beautiful set of 2 screens with detailed heart confetti decoration. One screen contains confetti at the top and bottom of the page whilst the second screen features bursts of confetti from a corner at the top and bottom of the screen. This is an intricately detailed design which creates a brilliant elegant look to your creations. Perfect to create wedding stationary, use alongside the stamps to create professional cards, invitations, table decorations and more.

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This product is part of the Stationery Set Collection.