Spooky Accents 12×12 Screen

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Screen Sensation screens are manufactured using a professional screen printing process with the highest quality materials. This makes them reusable time and time again and they’ll last indefinitely as long as they are cleaned and stored correctly. The beautiful pre-designed images take the hard work out of screen printing.

These spooks designs include a bat, spider, web and tree and are perfect for Halloween but would work for other occasions such as a fun Valentine’s Day card if you add the sentiment “I’m bats about you”!

The Tree is perfect for a variety of projects although it has been created to look like a spooky tree for Halloween it is also just a leafless tree which can be used for autumn and winter projects. Add some white to the tips for snow or even some different browns and oranges for autumn.

The bat is a very detailed screen with small intricate details. This bat can be used for all of your Halloween projects but also for any bat lovers, they are such an interesting animal with unusual appearances and senses that make them so unique.

The Spider, like the bat, is perfect for the Halloween occasion but there are also some lovers of spiders out there that would love this addition. Whether you know someone that has a pet spider or is fascinated by their species.

The spider’s web can be used as the perfect background for any of the icons for your projects. Webs are perfect to use for a variety of projects including Halloween for example on a cold autumn/ winter morning with mist covering the fields you can see such beauty come through all of the webs with different patterns and shapes outlined by the heavy dew of the night.

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This product is part of the Halloween 2017 Collection.