How do I clean my Screen Sensation?

Using cold water and a cloth, you can use a light pressure to remove any dried on ink.  Please remove fixing tape from the edges of your screen or any masked off areas before washing off any residue ink.

Some of the inks are not wiping off the screen! Help! What do I do?

Don’t panic! Some of the pigment in the darker ink will stain over time. Run your hands over the screen when washing it and you will be able to feel what is “dried on” and what has just discoloured the mesh. Discolouration of the mesh will not alter the final product, but dried on ink will prevent a clear print.

How do I stop the inks from washing out of fabric?

Once the inks have dried on your fabric, they can be heat set with a regular iron for at least 2 minutes. Always follow the ironing recommendation for your fabric to avoid damaging the material with heat.

Do I need to cure the inks on glass?

If using the Screen Sensation ink, allow to touch dry. The ink will cure fully in 7 days.

Can I sell things that I make with Screen Sensation? What about selling unaltered prints?

Please read the below angel policy carefully. If in doubt, contact us at info@screensensation.com.

There is no limit to how many individually handmade items can be sold for charity or for profit or where they can be sold.

Reproduction or replication of designs in any format other than being printed with the Screen Sensation system is not permitted. This includes graphic, digital, electronic or photocopying.
Any artwork used to make your own screens must be your own original artwork or come from a copyright free source.

Please note, our licenced ranges will have their own angel policies – see the links below for these:

I can’t get a good print. What am I doing wrong?

Could be a few issues so we’ll outline the top tips:

  • Ensure your mesh design is secured tight enough that there is no sag. There should be no visible creases as it sit on the frame.
  • Check there is no dried ink over the mesh which could be blocking the ink from passing through.
  • For best results, prime your mesh with a ‘test run’ on scrap material so the Screen Sensation is coated in your chosen ink colour. This helps in creating an even finish on even the most detailed designs.

How do I store my inks?

Screen Sensation inks are an organic product. To get the best from your ink down to the very last drop we recommend the following:

  • When replacing the lid on your pot of ink make sure that you press it down firmly to ensure that it is on properly and the pot is sealed.
  • When the lid is on the pot, use the finger notch on the side of the pot to help you pull up the lid open slightly to expel any excess air. Then press the lid down firmly again to seal.
  • Store your inks in a cool place.

What happens if I make a mistake printing on to fabric?

If you make a mistake when printing on to fabric, try washing the ink out with cold water before it dries. This may work with some colours but we cannot guarantee that the ink colour will be completely removed as Screen Sensation inks are so heavily pigmented and may stain the fabric.

Some of my screens have strange spots on them – will they still work?

In some cases, by-products of the manufacturing process may leave minor dotting on the screen. This is only an aesthetic attribute and will not affect the quality of your screen prints. Here is a video demonstrating dotting on a screen.

What are the screens made of?

Screen Sensation screens are made of 100% polyester.